Monday, June 9, 2008

There's A First Time For Everything

Daniel did a bunch of laundry yesterday, and he decided to include the dog bed covers we hadn't washed in three years. There's one particular bed that Gus and Charly both love. They take turns lying on it, and although they share the dog bed, I've never seen them actually lie down on it together, until last night.

Daniel stuffed the dog bed into its newly laundered cover, and the minute he set it down on the living room floor, both dogs threw themselves onto it, and didn't move for the next 2 quarters of the Celtics/Lakers basketball game. It seems even dogs prefer fresh clean bed sheets. Who knew... I mean, earlier this weekend they'd spent a half an hour rolling around in the dirt at the dog park.

Today I want to share with you these severely stylish dog beds you can buy at The Diva Dog. These beds are gorgeous to look at, but they're also stain, moisture, odor, and bacteria resistant. And you can even get the matching sofa pillows for yourself!

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